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Getting Your Dream Role

Schedule an audition. Many auditions are held over a couple of days/evenings and you are often required to book an audition time in advance. Sometimes we may hold special workshops prior to auditions or other times we will hold call-backs to determine the best person for the role.

Dress appropriately. You will most likely need to move a bit during your audition, especially if there is a dance element involved, so always wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Something fitting helps show off your dance skills, but steer clear of anything too revealing or distracting. Dance shoes are ideal but not necessary, as long as your footwear is comfortable and flexible.

Prepare your song, monologue, and dance. The dance and dialogue element of an audition is usually prepared for you and taught to you on the day. For your singing audition, prepare a song which suits your vocal range and has a similar style to the show you are auditioning for. Sometimes you will be required to sing a specific song from that show, and details about what format your music should be in (backing track, sheet music) will be given prior to your audition.

Auditioning and meeting the team. Auditioning can be nerve-wracking, but the thing to remember is the Creative Team WANT you to be successful. Usually you will be auditioning in front of the three creative team members, a pianist and sometimes a production manager. Occasionally the dance element will be done with small groups of auditionees at the same time. Other than talent, the creative team are looking for enthusiasm, confidence and willingness to learn, so be polite, walk in with a good attitude and a friendly smile!

Prepare for rejection. While this is community theatre and we try to give everybody the opportunity to take part on stage, sometimes we just have way more auditionees than roles! Don’t take it too hard if you aren’t successful in your audition, it generally doesn’t mean you did anything wrong – it just means you weren’t quite right for what the director had in mind. But we WILL remember you, and returning to audition for a future production shows us you are committed and passionate.

Get involved any way you can. While many people may dream of landing the lead role, try not to turn down company/chorus positions too. The more involved you get, the more familiar you will become to everyone. You will prove you’re reliable and committed and will more likely be cast in future productions and given bigger and better roles. If you are unsuccessful in your audition, we always require production crew – it’s a really great way to get your foot in the door and stay involved.


Ladies in Black - 26 March - 4 April

Shrek - 19 June - 4 July

The Murder of my Aunt - 28 August - 12 September

Oliver - 13 - 28 November