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Olivia Streep wants to turn her husband’s childhood home into a lavish Bed & Breakfast. This has been her dream for a long time. The only thing that could stop her from making this dream come true, is her mother-in-law Ella… who died a few months ago. Ella and her (dead) husband Stellan have decided to spend their afterlife in their Family Home and Ella is determined to do anything it takes to stop her daughter-in-law’s plan. With help from an eclectic bunch of spirits: a Witch, a glamorous movie star, two dim-witted baby-sitters and a creepy child, Ella will go head to head with Olivia and the Medium that she has hired to banish Ella. An all-out war is about to break out between the human world and the supernatural one. Who will win?


Victimised by the cruel, cunning Stubbs and his gang, the new kid, Terry Dumpton (Humpty Dumpty), resorts to truancy to avoid his bullies. Following pressure from his tormentors to prove he isn't a coward, Terry takes part in a dangerous activity resulting in a fatal outcome. What follows will bring out everyone’s true character as they all struggle to live with the consequences of their actions. Some show anger, some show regret and some show nothing at all. When Detective Wynne is assigned to the case, he is determined to get to the truth of what happened, no matter the cost.

15 March - 6 April sees the production of two one-act plays.