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 Lyrics by TIM RICE     

 TM© 1996 The Really Useful Group Limited



DIRECTOR: Gayle Dowsett


Choreographer: Grant Smith




The Show

Act I

The apostle Judas expresses his concern over Jesus's rising popularity as a "king". He strongly criticises Jesus for accepting his followers' unrealistic views, and for not heeding his concerns. While Judas still loves Jesus, he believes that Jesus is just a man, not God, and worries that Jesus's following will be seen as a threat to the Roman Empire which would then punish both Jesus and his associates. Judas's warning falls on deaf ears, as Jesus's followers have their minds set on going to Jerusalem with him. As they ask Jesus when they will be going, Jesus tells them to stop worrying about the future since what will happen will be determined by God. Judas is concerned that Jesus is close to Mary Magdalene who is a known prostitute. It seems to Judas that Jesus is contradicting his own teaching, and he worries that this apparent lack of judgment will be used against Jesus and his followers. Jesus passionately defends his relationship with Mary. Then reproaches his apostles for being "shallow, thick and slow" and that not a single one of them cares about him. Mary tries to reassure Jesus while anointing him with oil. Judas is angry that Jesus is not focusing solely on the poor and hungry.  Jesus explains resources are small they should be glad for the privileges they have. Meanwhile, Caiaphas (the high priest), Annas, and other Jewish priests having seen Jesus gain popularity meet to discuss Jesus and his disciples. If the Romans retaliate to this challenge, he believes there could be great bloodshed and the stakes are "frighteningly high!" For the greater good, he has to "crush him completely! So like John before him, this Jesus must die!" As Jesus and his followers arrive in Jerusalem they are met by Caiaphas, who demands that Jesus disband the group of revellers. As the crowd cheers him on, they suddenly ask Jesus if he would die for them? To this, Jesus visibly reacts with concern. Simon, (an apostle) suggests that Jesus lead his mob in a war against Rome and gain absolute power. Jesus rejects this as he knows they don’t understand his true message. Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea, has had a dream, in which he meets with a Galilean (Jesus) and that he, Pilate, will receive all of the blame for the man's violent and mournful death. Jesus arrives at the Temple in Jerusalem and finds that it has become a haven of sin as it is being used for selling all that is sinful. He is furious! Angry and tired, Jesus is confronted by lepers, cripples, and beggars, all wanting to be healed. He heals some but more and more approach him and he is overwhelmed. Jesus panics and tells the crowd to heal themselves but finds Mary by his side who calms him down. While Jesus is asleep, Mary realizes she loves Jesus and it frightens her. Judas is conflicted. He is convinced that only one way through is to stop Jesus. Judas tells the priests Jesus himself would approve if he knew his motives; he asks them not declare him damned. In exchange for the information, Judas is offered money as a "fee". He tells them where Jesus is.

Act II

Jesus knows their meal this night will be their Last Supper, he pours wine and passes bread for his apostles. He is hurt to see them ignore this. "For all you care this wine could be my blood / For all you care this bread could be my body.” Jesus tells them that Peter will deny him three times "in just a few hours" and that one of them will betray him. Judas is very distressed believing he has no choice but to bring in the Law.  He thinks it is his responsibility to stop the bloodshed. The remaining apostles fall asleep, and Jesus retreats to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He admits to God his doubts, fears and anger, and that he is tired and has done all he can. He feels disillusioned with his quest as the Messiah, does not understand what it has achieved and wishes to give up. Receiving no answer, Jesus realises that he cannot defy God's will, and surrenders to God. His prayer ends with a request that God take him immediately, Judas arrives with Roman soldiers. Jesus is arrested. On the way to Caiaphas, a mob asks Jesus what he plans to do, but Jesus declines to comment. When Jesus is brought to trial Caiaphas asks if he is the son of God. With no straight answer, Jesus is sent to Pontius Pilate. Meanwhile, Peter denies that he knows Jesus. Since Jesus is from Galilee, Pilate says that he is not under his jurisdiction and sends him to King Herod who asks Jesus to prove his divinity by performing miracles, offering to free him if he complies; but Jesus ignores him. Herod decides that Jesus is just another phony messiah and angrily sends him back to Pilate. Feeling extreme guilt, and panicking that he will be seen as responsible, Judas recognizes that memories of this could haunt the rest of his life, that God chose him to be the one to betray Jesus, and that he has been used as a pawn for the "foul bloody crime". He suffers a mental breakdown during this epiphany, and to detach himself from his destiny, he takes his own life. At Jesus's trial Pilate asks the crowd if they would crucify Jesus, their king, and they declare: "We have no king but Caesar!" Pilate tells the crowd that, while Jesus should be imprisoned, he does not deserve to die. Pilate demands that the crowd give him a reason to condemn Jesus, and the crowd breaks into a rally-style cheer about how Jesus is a blasphemer and has defied Rome. Pilate calls the crowd hypocrites, as he knows they hate Roman rule. He attempts to satisfy their bloodlust by having Jesus whipped. Pilate, clearly disturbed by the whole ordeal, pleads with Jesus to defend himself; but Jesus says weakly that everything has been determined, by God, and Pilate cannot change it. The crowd still screams for Jesus to be crucified, and Pilate reluctantly agrees to keep the crowd from getting violent. As Jesus prepares to be crucified, he is visited by the spirit of Judas. "Superstar".

Jesus - Pani Taukiri

Judas Iscariot - Rawiri Hindle

Mary Magdalene - Debbie Graham

Pontius Pilate - Alister Williams

Caiaphus - Franco Mayer

Annas - Cam Dow

Peter - Tane Davis

Simon Zealotes - Dwayne Tainui

King Herod - James Mulligan-Hill


Sarah - Monica Booth


Priest - Michael Guest


Bronwyn Collett

Caitlin Morris

Lillie Turner

Louisa Dearlove


Cameron Yovich

Dwayne Tainui

Greg Parker

Jonathan Santos

LJ Yearbury-Murphy

Max Alldred

Rishi Iyer

Shane Green

Tom Lewry



Angharad Yearbury-Murphy

Caroline Bartholomew

Danielle Paranihi-Edwards

Debi Walters-Brown

Lucy Graham

Monica Booth

Olivia Broadfoot








22 June

7.30 pm


23 June

7:30 pm


28 June

7:30 pm


29 June

7:30 pm


30 June

2 pm and 7.30 pm


4 July

7.30 pm


5 July

7.30 pm


6 July

7:30 pm


7 July

7.30 pm


Dinner & show $55

Show $35

Seniors & Students $25

Your Jesus Christ Superstar pre-show dinner menu

available Friday and Saturday evenings at 6.30pm


Pan Seared Snapper, rested over a Butternut Mash,

Sautéed Asparagus Spears, topped with Tiger Prawn done in Garlic Butter

and drizzled with a sauce hollandaise

Vegetarian Main**

Vegetarian Frittata served with a dollop of crème fraiche and sautéed

Asparagus Spears. (Olives, cherry tomatoes, spinach and parmesan)


Sticky Date Pudding served with a rich caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Gluten free dessert:

Fresh fruit salad with vanilla ice cream

**Must be ordered when the dinner is purchased - use Order Notes if purchasing on-line

All our menu components are made from fresh local ingredients, supporting our local small businessesand prepared in our own kitchen.